Studio Recording Indianapolis

Looking for a professional studio recording center in Indianapolis? Humble Creations specializes in Music Production and is dedicated to devoting their personal time and attention to helping bring out the best musical artist in you. They have a professional and gifted production team that can take your partial song ideas and transform them into a completed songs. Humble Creations Studios also has the ability to accommodate all recording and rehearsal needs for soloists, groups and music bands.
Humble Creations Studios is a newly renovated studio recording center in Indianapolis with over 2,000 square feet of space. They offer:
- Isolation Booth
- Live Room
- Control Room
- Lounge Area
- Meeting Room 
- Large Rehearsal Room.  
- Free Wifi available upon request
Humble Creations provides professional online music production, mixing and mastering services. If you’d like to learn more about their process, visit online at and have a look around. 
Professional studio recording in Indianapolis, IN can be extremely expensive, however, this is a service that Humble Creations provides to their clients at a very reasonable rate. Basic Recording Prices in the studio in Indianapolis are as follows:
- Music Production $50 per hour
- Audio Tracking $50 per hour
- Audio Editing $50 per hour
- Audio Mixing $50 per hour
- Mastering $40 per song
- Studio Rental $25 per hour
- Rehearsal space $25 per hour
Please be advised of the following studio recording information from Humble Creations Studios in Indianapolis:
- All sessions begin when scheduled, not when you arrive
- Please plan on arriving no earlier than ten minutes prior to session start
- The studio charges for set up time, since this is when the engineer begins working
- Please plan on providing a name brand hard drive for recording. If you need one, you can request to rent one from the studio
- Humble Creations is not responsible for storage of client masters, and does so only as a convenience for clients
Rehearsal for studio recording in the Indianapolis location are quite reasonable and all rehearsals are fully equipped with:
- Monitor systems with microphones
- Drum set with cymbals and hardware
- Bass amp
- Guitar amp
- Keyboard
- Keyboard amp
Fully equipped rehearsal space is only $25 per hour.
If you need recording services outside of the studio recording center in Indianapolis, it’s no problem. Humble Creations is able to provide the means for live recording, which is ideal for concerts, recitals, conferences, lectures, seminars, school programs, and other special occasions. This is a perfect solution for bands and music groups requiring a live recording at their own rehearsal venue, solo musicians, or school, choir and other music groups wanting a recording of their performance. Once the basic tracks of a project have been recorded, they will need editing, mixing and mastering to create a finished, stereo version. 
To speak with a studio recording specialist from Humble Creations Studios in Indianapolis, please call 317-672-7596. You can also visit online at, to learn more about their services and how to get started today. You’ll love the professional results you’ll achieve when you work with the expert studio recording center in Indianapolis!
Studio Recording Indianapolis
5356 N. Hillside Ave. Indianapolis, In 46220

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Isabel – J. King // Sample Tracks
  1. Isabel – J. King // Sample Tracks
  2. Here I Am – KeKe (SongBird) // Sample Tracks
  3. That’s Why – Tami J // Tami J - Sample Tracks