Music Producer Indianapolis

Do you need to hire a professional music producer in the Indianapolis area? Humble Creations Studios is your destination for a full-service recording studio in Indianapolis. Services include Online Music Production, Mixing and Mastering services and much more.
Humble Creations Studios are among the most affordable in the area. Hiring a music producer in Indianapolis, IN can be extremely expensive, however, this is a service that Humble Creations provides to their clients at a very reasonable rate. Basic Recording Prices in the studio in Indianapolis are as follows:
- Music Production $50 per hour
- Audio Tracking $50 per hour
- Audio Editing $50 per hour
- Audio Mixing $50 per hour
- Mastering $40 per song
- Studio Rental $25 per hour
- Rehearsal space $25 per hour
Rehearsal prices includes: monitor system with microphones, drum set with cymbals and hardware, bass amp, guitar amp, keyboard and keyboard amp.
A professional music producer in Indianapolis must be multi-skilled to deliver the results their clients are looking for. A record producer usually handles music production, managing every aspect. That can include being a critical part of the creative process, such as deciding what instruments are used and contributing to song arrangements. The recording studio in Indianapolis can help with this process.
Aside from offering the services of a music producer throughout Indianapolis, Humble Creations Studios provides additional services to their clients. The professional and experienced production team from Humble Creations Studios can help you take your song from an idea to a master recording, ready for radio, film, TV, Internet or mass production. Their music production service covers each and every aspect of completing a song or a full-length album.
Once material has been recorded, it takes careful editing and mixing to turn raw multi-tracks into a balanced piece of music. The mixing process includes: track cleanup, balancing each individual track’s volume, separation of each musical element, spatial placement of instruments, adding effects to enhance sound, volume, pan, effects and master bus automation, stereo or mono bounce of final mix. The professional music producer in Indianapolis can also help with audio mixing.
Humble Creations Studios also provides the means for live recording, which is ideal for concerts, recitals, conferences, lectures, seminars, school programs, and other special occasions. This is an ideal solution for bands and music groups requiring a live recording at their own rehearsal venue, solo musicians, or school, choir and other music groups wanting a recording of their performance. Once the basic tracks of a project have been recorded, they will need editing, mixing and mastering to create a finished, stereo version. A music producer from Humble Creations in Indianapolis can be helpful during this process.
Your music will need a professional producer in Indianapolis to allow it to reach its full potential. It’s the fine-tuning that makes your track sound as 'big and as 'clear’ as possible without compromising the original feel of the song. This also makes the album, as a whole, sound unified. In addition, ‘music mastering’ engineers may also need to apply corrective equalization and dynamic enhancement in order to improve upon sound translation on all playback systems. 
If you have questions, or wish to speak with a music producer in the Indianapolis studio, please call 317-672-7596 or visit online at to learn more about the services that they provide.
Music Producer Indianapolis
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Isabel – J. King // Sample Tracks
  1. Isabel – J. King // Sample Tracks
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